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About Yogyakarta
Have you ever went to Yogyakarta, or have you hear Yogyakarta City. If you don’t know, let we see a moment. Yogyakarta is located about 500 km east side from capital city of Indonesia. Yogyakarta known as student city since it have many university and also know as 2nd Indonesia tourism city after Bali. Average temperature is tropical temperature, so it will be good if we visit to Yogyakarta at dry season from February until September.
Yogyakarta have many interesting place to be visit. For you who like past inheritence, there are many buddhist temple. The biggest temple is Borobudur temple. For you who like to go to beach, there are many good beach. Let we see the vacation place and interesting place in Yogyakarta deeper. For a moment let we explore about temple in Yogyakarta.
Sultan Agung, the Sultanate of Mataram was declining due to power struggle within the sultanate. To make things worse, VOC (Dutch East India Company) exploited the power struggle to increase its control. At the peak of the conflict, the Mataram Sultanate was split in two based on  the Treaty of Giyanti of February 13, 1755: Yogyakarta Sultanate and Surakarta Sultanate.

The Giyanti Treaty mentioned Pangeran Mangkubumi as Sultan of Yogyakarta with the title of Sampeyan Dalem Ingkang Sinuwun Kanjeng Sultan Hamengkubuwono Senopati Ingalaga Abdul Rakhman Sayidin Khalifatullah Panatagama (His Majesty, The Sultan-Carrier of the Universe, Chief Warrior, Servant of the Most Gracious, Cleric and Caliph that Safeguards the Religion).
During the era of Dutch occupation there were two principalities, the Yogyakarta Sultanate (Kasultanan Yogyakarta) and the smaller Pakualaman Duchy / Principality (Kadipaten Pakualaman).

The Dutch Colonial Government arranged for the carrying out autonomous self government, arranged under a political contract. When the Indonesian independence was proclaimed, the rulers, the Sultan of Yogyakarta and Prince of Pakualaman made a declaration they would become part of the Republic of Indonesia. Those two regions were unified to form the Yogyakarta Special Region and the sultan became the Governor of Yogyakarta and the Prince of Pakualaman as the vice-governor; both were responsible to the President of Indonesia. The Special Region of Yogyakarta was created after the independence war ended and legalized on August 3, 1950.
In carrying out the local government administration it considers three principles: decentralization, deconcentration and assistance. The provincial government carries out the responsibilities and authorities of the central government, while on other hand carrying out its autonomous responsibilities and authorities. The Regional Government consists of the Head of the Region and the Legislative Assembly of the Region. Such construction guarantees good cooperation between the Head of Region and the Legislative Assembly of Region in order to achieve a sound regional government administration. The Head of the Special Region of Yogyakarta has got responsibility as the Head of the Territory and titled as a Governor.

The first Governor was the late Hamengkubuwono IX, Sultan of Yogyakarta and continued by HRH. Paku Alam VIII as acting governor untilHamengkubuwono X ascended in 1998. Unlike the other heads of regions in Indonesia, the governor of the Special Region of Yogyakarta has the privilege or special status of not being bound to the period of position nor the requirements and way of appointment. However, in carrying out their duties, they have the same authorizations and responsibilities.
The principal residence of the sultan is the kraton (palace), sometimes called the Yogyakarta Kraton but otherwise known in formal terms Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat.

Tourist Attraction

Candi Borobudur (Borobudur Temple)
It’s located about 50 km north west of Yogyakarta and one of remarkable monument in Indonesia, a splendid work of art and the largest budhhist temple in the world. If you come and visit. Below is the photo taken when I went to Borobudur temple
Candi Sewu (Sewu Temple)
It hase about one thousand of temple located in one place. Based on people story, it was made by man who would engage beautiful lady, but the lady asked the man to build one thousand temple before morning. So the man build this one thousand temple in one night. Well whether you believe or not, this place is interesting place to visit

Yogyakarta tour packages covers enjoying the Borobudur tour in Central Java, Sultan Palace in the Yogyakarta/Jogjakarta tour or you could also visit Prambanan , Merapi or Volcano tour with Yogya Traveling Indonesia